How to avoid a hangover

How to avoid a hangover. Don’t worry, the title isn’t some click bait where I then tell you to just not drink. Where would the fun be in that?! I actually gave up alcohol at New Year, I went 4 months sin alcohol and felt bloody amazing. So not drinking is definitely an easy solution to avoiding hangovers. If, on the other hand, you fancy a day of boozy that culminates in you sleeping in your clothes (that wasn’t me of course) and not feel like death the next day, follow this  protocol.

1-3 Days Before Drinking (as you can see, this is designed for the occasional blow out rather than if you are a bit of an alcy and get pissed every day):


Sleep as much as possible, having sleep in the bank can help with later sleep loss caused by a night on the sauce. Tiredness is a massive contributor to feeling awful following a drinking session. Day drinking is also another great solution, start early and still be in bed by 10. Unfortunately, alcohol interferes with your sleep so even if you are in bed, you won’t get decent sleep. This is why just having 1 or 2 every day is not a good idea if you want to function optimally.

Day of Drinking

  1. Exercise - Exercise improves your glycemic response to the carbs found in alcohol. It also increases antioxidant activity and reduces alcohol-induced liver damage.
  2. Eat several egg yolks or serving of liver - Your body uses choline to mitigate the damage caused by drinking. Making sure your stores are topped up will make sure your body has enough available to do this.

1 hour Before Drinking

  1. Eat spoonful extra virgin olive oil (for the polyphenols), extra virgin avocado oil (polyphenols) and red palm oil (for vitamin E). If don’t have all of these can just use one. These protect against alcohol induced oxidative stress and the fats protect the liver.
  2. Eat a light meal – food helps to slow the absorption of alcohol in the stomach. Eat plenty of antioxidant rich vegetables. Too much alcohol entering your system at once can overload the body. It also stops you getting drunk too quickly and making a tit of yourself.
  3. Take 500-600mg N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and 1 g Vitamin C. NAC is a precursor to glutathione, the antioxidant responsible for metabolising alcohol. Vitamin C helps NAC supply glutathione.
  4. Take 300-400mg magnesium. Alcohol depletes magnesium. Some people find magnesium gives them loose stools, be wary of this, you might prefer to take magnesium at the end of the night if you are such a person as you don’t want to have an embarrassing accident at a party.
  5. Take collagen powder, the glycine in collagen and gelatin reduces lipid peroxidation and antioxidant depletion in the liver. Adding Vitamin C can increase the absorption of glycine.
  6. Drink a cup of green tea – green tea contains polyphenols that protect against alcohol induced oxidative stress. Caffeine and L-theanine can help give you a stable release of energy for the night ahead.

During Drinking

  1. Drink good quality alcohol, preferably clear spirits and avoid sugary mixers.Vodka soda is a great choice as you hydrate yourself with the soda. If drinking white wine, then add soda water to slow down your drinking speed and also boost hydration. White wine is known for giving terrible hangovers, drink organic wine if possible.
  2. Add pinch salt or electrolytes to every glass of water you drink.

Before Bed

  1. Mix ½ teaspoon sea salt, juice 1 lemon or lime, 1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses and 1 ½ cups water. Drink 30-45 minutes before bed so you don’t have to get up all night to go to the loo. If this is too much of a faff, just have water with ½ teaspoon sea salt.
  2. Take 1500mg Vitamin C with this drink.
  3. Consume another 200mg Magnesium.
  4. Take 4 capsules activated charcoal, this helps mop up toxins rather than alcohol.
  5. Take 3-10mg melatonin. This helps to stop the annoying early wake ups that often happens when you have consumed alcohol.

The next day

  1. Drink the same salt water mix as before
  2. Take 4 more capsules activated charcoal
  3. Eat eggs for breakfast
  4. Light exercise
  5. Wim Hof breathing and Cold shower - Recently it has been discoved that inflammatory proteins called cytokines are most likely the cause of major hangover symptoms. Current studies are looking into lowering cytokine levels post hangover to reduce major hangover symptoms.The Wim Hof Method has been proven to reduce cytokines. You may not want to do this but I promise you will feel better for it.
  6. Sunlight – if weather permits, go for a walk in the sun and get some vitamin D

This cure was taken from ‘Boundless’ by Ben Greenfield, I highly recommend reading this book if you have any interest in boosting your health and performance.


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